Apply the trained AI Models as the base of API by using the concept of micro-services, which makes each service as an AI Model, that is, to provide AI Model as a Service to different users and increase the service utilization rate. It also acts as the basis for services that may be chargeable in the future.


  • Centralized management
    Centralized and integrated management for the necessary AI modules, then to serve different users through version control.
  • Micro-service architecture
    Conduct the micro-service for implementation, establish CI/CD specifications, and make the entire service processes more efficient.
  • Better efficiency
    Separate the training and inference environment so that the development and operation staffs can focus on the business works at hand.
  • Broader services
    The API-based AI Model can be accessed by different users through the API Gateway so that the clients of services can be extended to all aspects. It even has the function to charge usage of this system.