GARAOTUS, a cloud service brand of SYSTEX, announces atmospheric service architecture (AaaS, Atmospherics as a Service) adopted AI convergence HPC technologies at Computex 2021, which help the research institutes to curb the climate change issue

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[Taipei, May 31, 2021] GARAOTUS, a cloud service brand of SYSTEX, announced the AaaS (Atmospherics as a Service) solution architecture converged the AI (Artificial Intelligence) and HPC (High-Performance Computing) technologies at the “Computex 2021”. GARAOTUS greatly accelerated the cloud computing time and find the results, which assists the world to face the impact of global warming on the environment, as well as the indirect consequences of livelihood issues like water and electricity shortages, and even Including natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. GARAOTUS’s goal is to focus on assisting Taiwan in accelerating the development of atmospheric science research and is planning to extend the application of related services to other parts of the APAC region in the future.

GARAOTUS relies on its past technical application in the field of smart medical and its experience in disaster prevention system, extending its technical architecture to the field of atmosphere, and the debut solution architecture of atmospheric services at Computex 2021, sharing how to adopt the concept of Cloud-Native with AI and HPC technologies into the application layer.  Except for the infrastructure, the architecture of the AaaS included the MLOps design for the administrators of the atmosphere field to easier to do the POC using the single interface. GARAOTUS Cloud Platform’s features shorten the time of calculation time and administrators’ deployment, and as an aid for the researcher can focus on their research.

GARAOTUS has well-experience in the field of smart medical care. In the Genomics Analytics field, GARAOTUS partners up with intel, and Advantech to deliver the Genomic Analytics solution with AI-HPC and, and which improve the performance by up to 60%. Besides, GARAOTUS cooperated with the famous gene research team worldwide, and develop the process of Next-Generation Sequencing provide to the medical and research institutes do the genomics research. Furthermore, the GARAOTUS’s NGS develop thru the interactive process to build a vertically integrated platform from the infrastructure layer to the application layer, which greatly increases the efficiency of the research team to prove the research.

To deepen the vertical technologies, GARAOTUS has continued to expand its ecosystem and has just become as an APAC partner of BeeGFS, provides a high-performance parallel cluster file system with safe and excellent input and output performance. BeeGFS’s solution adopted by global Supercomputer users, such as the Singapore Science and Technology Research Agency, and well-known supercomputer computing facilities in the Asia-Pacific region. GARAOTUS has also become its Asia-Pacific technology and service partner, jointly providing global customers with more efficient cloud high-speed computing solutions

GARAOTUS ’s team members have more than ten years of vertical integration technology and experience in the HPC field. The main feature of the platform is the successful integration of currently emerging technologies including AI (artificial intelligence), HPC (high-speed computing), Cloud Computing (cloud computing), currently serving customers in large enterprises worldwide, as well as large teaching hospitals or research institutions, and was selected by the “APAC CIO Outlook” magazine as one of the top ten best HPC companies in Asia in 2020.