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Cloud Management Service Center

Cloud Management Service Center provides all of the functions of OpenStack; besides, all of the VMs in the platform are automated including in the scope of GARAOTUS monitoring without additional setup from users to add the information to the user’s comprehensive monitoring & report center. A simple and fast way to manage all of the VMs.

Monitoring & Report Center

Monitoring & Report Center enables users to customize the dashboard for different attributes of hardware and software for troubleshooting. Moreover, the end-to-end monitoring service is designed for the users’ diagnostic tasks by customized monitoring logic.

Policy Management Center

Policy Management Center is developed with an intelligent Rule-Engine to manage the hardware & software in the data center(s). The users set the policies for their own devices, systems, and applications through the policy management center to control the working status.

Log Management Center

Log Management Center centralized the logs from the hardware and software. The users easily to have the log without access to each hardware and software. The logs will be kept in the cloud storage regularly and back.

Multi-Layered Identification Management Center

Multi-layered identification Management Center is designed for authority management in an organization. The users have their own reports by different roles and attributes.