GARAOTUS, the cloud service brand is derived from the combination of Gaea (God of the earth), Uranos (God of the sky), Ourea (God of the mountain), and Pontus (God of the sea) in Greek mythology. It symbolizes our integrating the four architectures of AI, HPC, Cloud Computing, and Micro-Service into the “GARAOTUS Cloud Platform”

GARAOTUS team is well-experienced in the integration of IaaS, PasS, and SasS for decades in the cloud infrastructure technologies. Our clients around the world own competitiveness through our leading and diversified cloud services.

GARAOTUS Cloud Platform successfully designed a Genomic Analytics solution of for medical institutions and academic around the world:

Numerous climate data calculation and visual dashboard provide cloud integration services for meteorological institutions
Provide fast and accurate predictions for busy traffic conditions
Provide reliable the early warning analysis for disaster predictio
More versatile cloud services will be demonstrated in the Internet of Vehicles and 5G era

In the future, we will dedicate in the genomic and biotechnology field. To empower our cloud technology to develop the High-Performance Gene Algorithm as a Service:

Integration with the 5G backbone network architecture
Embedded our technologies into the chipset to empower more possibilities for cloud development

GARAOTUS will continue to deepen cloud technology and move forward together with enterprises around the world.