Thank you for your participation in the HPC Summit | 2021 APAC event ! We hope you gained valuable insights to take back with you.

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Keynote Speakers

OpenInfra Clouds in Asia

Opening Keynote – Why GARAOTUS

The First Orchestrator of Genomics Analysis and HPC

Cloud-scale supercomputing for HPC/AI and Cloud services with GARAOTUS Cloud platform

Know more precision medicine based on GARAOTUS Cloud Platform

HPC on-demand with Dell Technologies

GARAOTUS HPC Cloud Solution for Atmospheric Science

GARAOTUS AaaS: Enabling Mobility of Compute for Atmospheric Analysis and Modeling

The future of HPC: Moving traditional HPC to scalable containerized infrastructure

Track A: Genomics & Biotechnology

Solving HPC Challenges in Health Life Science through scalable compute architectures

Artificial Intelligence in Genomics Market Ecosystem

A Next Generation Healthcare Information System to Support Precision Medicine

How is AI Changing Medical and Healthcare and Advanced Research?

Bioinformatics, Big Data, and Deep Learning: Multifaceted Perspectives for Genomic Research

Network Medicine: Translate Big ‘Omics’ Data into Personalized Medicine

Identification of cancer prognostic biosignatures from multiomic data

Track B: HPC & Open Source Technologies

The future of HPC – Moving traditional HPC to scalable containerized infrastructure

Accelerating Extreme HPC Scale-outs with BeeGFS

Introduction of CHT’s AI PaaS Smart analysis platform

How DCT Platform and Service Boosts AI and HPC Development

Use MLOps to manage the machine learning lifecycle

DeepOps – An efficient way to deploy GPU cluster for computing