Time to rethinking –
How to reshape your business operation after pandemic

Moving Your Cloud Forward with GARAOTUS  on Enterprise Computing Solutions

– How’s the Event –

GARAOTUS is the leading provider of enterprise cloud solutions.

Join this event you will have opportunities with high-performance computing experts, along with our partners, technology users, and industry peers, for a virtual summit exploring about how to face the post-pandemic on business strategy.

Keep moving our AI、HPC、Cloud Computing and Micro-Service solutions will keep innovation moving forward in future.

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– Key Agenda –

Topic Session Type Speaker Time

GARAOTUS Cloud Platform – Building the Future Today with AI-HPC

Tech Talk
  • Terry Tai, GARAOTUS

AI-HPC & COVID-19: How to Save Lives and Accelerate Search for a Cure by Genomic Analytics

Panel Discission
  • Georgi Tai, INTEL
  • Albert Wang, Advantech
  • Terry Tai, GARAOTUS

Unlock Your Innovation with the Leading Cloud HPC Solution

Tech Talk
  • Jacob Hsiao, Microsoft Taiwan

From Open Source to Enterprise: How Red Hat helps to drive accelerated Enterprise HPC and AI.

Tech Talk
  • Franky Ho, Redhat HK

The Best Practice of Server optimization for AI & HPC

Tech Talk
  • Kevin Chang, TYAN, Mitac

Realizing Industrial AI Fabric from the Edge to Cloud

Tech Talk
  • Ray Chi, Adventech

– Featured Speakers –

Terry Tai

| Assistant Vice President of GARAOTUS

Georgi Tai

| Asia Sales Lead Health and Life Science, IOTG

Jacob Hsiao

| Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Microsoft Taiwan

Franky Ho

| Red Hat Cloud Platform Solutions Director

Albert Wang

| Industrial IoT Group, Industrial Server Solution Project Manager
Advantech Co., LTD.

Ray Chi, Ph. D.

| Video AI / ISG
Advantech Co., LTD.

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